History of the Institute

Due to the fact of meeting the demand for humanitarian component in the training of a modern competitive specialist in the field of customs and taxation and actual necessity to create the Educational and Scientific Institute of Humanities (social science). In April of 2015 the Institute was established as a separate division of the University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

 The Educational and Scientific Institute of Humanities  is  composed of four departments: Psychological and Sociological, Psychology and Sociology, Modern European languages.

Moreover, there are active laboratories: sociological, journalistic and of cultural development identity;

philosophical discussion club and multimedia educational and examination computer classes

Such high-end professionals as 6 Doctors of Science ,4 Professors, 26 PhD, 20 Associate professors, 10 senior teachers perform their duties on a constant basis and hold more than one office.

They administer complex teaching and educational process for students and graduate student.

The Educational and Scientific Institute   of  Humanities is the outstanding source of numerous international and interuniversity
scientific and practical conferences, forums,  sessions, seminars. 

Academic teachers and employees administer career advice training, intensify the process of study and implementation of proficient scientific technologies.

Comprise to the student’s demand in constant thirst for knowledge and development.

Improve methods and forms of pedagogical and educative cooperation with young students and development of self-governing students body.

Assignment of the Institute

 –training of competitive and result oriented professional being in constant development and skills upgrade
-formation of a comprehensively developed personality on the basis of universal moral and ethical values

-Education of dedicated citizens of Ukraine

 -who is responsible for progressive changes in society, capable of care and multiply of cultural, moral values in conditions of the Ukrainian integration into European society

Policy objectives activities of the Institute |:

continuity and structuring of education;

scientific development;

the ratio of national educational traditions and word experience;

flexibility in reacting to social changes;

student oriented;




democratic principles;

Collegiality and unity in issues solvation;

Personal and collective(general) responsibility;

Priority directions of the Institute’s development:

    • to imply the scientific principle as the main breakthrough in the development of the Institute;
    • introduction of innovative technology and methods of educational process;
    •  improving and instituting of scientific research and innovations in the humanitarian sphere;
    • Provision of the new high standard level in the quality of the university communication;

-participation in grant programs, social projects and initiatives;

-increase in the 2019-2020 academic year the intake of students for the training of specialists in the specialties 061 “Journalism”, 053 “Psychology” and 035 “Philology”;

-opening in the 2020-2021 academic year of Master’s programs in specialties 061 “Journalism” and 053 “Psychology”;

Improvement of the technological aspect of activity at the Institute and the University, cooperation with press center of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine

Enrichment of HR office of the Institute.

Provision favorable circumstances for scholars education and ability to broaden their career development beyond the university and at the University.

their professional development outside the university and at the departments of the institute.

Administration of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Humanities:

Acting Director

Khrystokin Hennadii Volodymyrovych

Doctor in Philosophy, 

Associate Professor

author of 4 monographs (2 of them are individual), 4 textbooks and more than 120 scientific papers.


Deputy Director

Veselska Liudmyla Antonivna

PhD in Public Administration


Deputy Director

In Scientific and International Relations 

Hromakova Nataliia Yuriivna

PhD in Historical Sciences,

Associate Professor.


Deputy Director
Educational and  Professional-Orientation Work

Zaitseva Inna Veniaminivna

PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, 

Associate Professor 

Training of specialists at the institute

Training of specialists at the institute is carried out at the first bachelor’s level in the following specialties: 061″Journalism”, 053 “Psychology” and 035 “Philology”.

Specialty “Journalism”.

The profession of a journalist is promising and prestigious, in demand in the modern labor market. A journalist is a person who can: develop his creative potential; communicate with celebrities; travel the country and around the world; to influence the formation of public consciousness, public opinion, the development of social processes.

The journalistic profession opens wide opportunities for self-realization, as it combines elements of a number of attractive professions – psychologist, writer, director, actor, speaker, teacher, manager.

The learning process in this specialty is exciting, because it involves:

– study of interesting humanities, fundamental and professionally oriented disciplines(TV and radio production, Internet journalism, new media editor, newspaper and magazine production, advertising and public relations, agency journalism, journalistic investigation, military journalism, international journalism, photojournalism, speechwriting, imageology, media security, extreme journalism , trends in modern journalism, etc.);

– writing and editing texts in various journalistic genres;

– taking photos and videos, preparing materials for radio and television, for electronic and print media;

-internships in the leading print media of Ukraine, on radio and TV channels;

– to issue a student newspaper  and work on the student radio of the University.

Graduates will be able to work in print media, online publications, on television and radio, in the field of press service, including fiscal authorities


Specialty “Psychology”.

Our graduates can hold the following positions:

  • psychologist-consultant in local authorities;
  • psychologist-practitioner in the field of management, service, entrepreneurship;
  • psychologist-consultant, coach (private business);
  • practical psychologist in educational institutions;
  • a leading specialist in psychological laboratories of universities and research institutions;
  • practical psychologist in health care and social security institutions.

The competences of practical psychologists are:

-psychodiagnostic and psychocorrectional work with different categories of citizens

  • providing consulting services to individuals, institutions and organizations
  • psychological support of various organizations of all forms of ownership;
  • conducting socio-psychological research and optimizing the psychological climate in members of the labour collective;
  • career guidance and professional selection;
  • identification of psychological causes of social maladaptation of children, the choice of forms and content of psycho-correctional and psychological-preventive work.

Professional training in the specialties “Journalism” and “Psychology” is carried out by a highly qualified scientific and pedagogical team of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Humanities.

Specialty “Philology”

The profession of philologist translator is one of the most prestigious and in demand in the field of labor market.

The English and German translator is a specialist in providing interlingual and intercultural communication via foreign languages in a professional environment. The professional competence covers a wide range of activities: ensuring the process of interlingual written and partially oral communication in various areas of human life (economics, technology, politics, culture, science) by translating official business, financial and economic, technical, social and political texts into foreign and Ukrainian languages. A philologist-translator is a person who knows how to operate information professionally. It is obvious why the services of such a specialist are in constant demand in today’s global society. In addition, translator is a philological profession. A philologist is not only a qualified referent-translator, but also there is a much wider opportunity for career development in the structures of the Ministry of Finance.

The dominant activities of translation specialists are:

  • translation during presentations, business meetings, negotiations (simultaneous, consecutive translations);
  • written translation of specialized financial, technical, literary works, journalistic literature;
  • translation of foreign TV and radio programs, movies;
  • lay down of information and thematic plans, reports;
  • organization and conducting of excursions to cultural and historical places for foreign citizens;
  • support and accompaniment of foreign citizens during their visits to the country
  • providing assistance in accommodation and residence of foreign citizens
  • accompaniment of groups on trips abroad.

Graduates will be able to work at domestic enterprises of small, medium and large business, in scientific, public institutions and organizations, translation agencies, media, information services, TV and radio companies, international companies and organizations, embassies of foreign countries.

The development of international business and international finance requires specialists in fields related to philology(cross-train):

  1. Editor.
  2. Proof-reader
  3. Content manager.
  4. Copywriter.
  5. Rewriter.
  6. SEO copywriter.
  7. PR manager.
  8. Marketing Specialist.

Khrystokin Hennadii Volodymyrovych

Acting Director of the ESIH

Doctor in Philosophy, 

Associate Professor

Veselska Liudmyla Antonivna

Deputy Director of the ESIH

PhD in Public Administration

Hromakova Nataliia Yuriivna

Deputy Director of the ESIH

In Scientific and International Relations 

PhD in Historical Sciences

Associate Professor 

Zaitseva Inna Veniaminivna

Deputy Director of the ESIH

Educational and Professional-Orientation Work

PhD in Pedagogical Sciences

Associate Professor 

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