Educational and Scientific Center for the organization of educational process
Educational and scientific center of organization of educational process was created in 2015. In June 12015, the center was headed  by the senior lecturer, associate professor Liliya Oleksandrivna Vinnichenko. The purpose of the Center is to provide scientific and methodological support to the educational process and to organize scientific and methodological work at the University. The structure of the Center includes 5 departments, namely:
The Department of Planning and Information Support of Educational Process carries out the organization of educational process at a level that ensures the qualitative training of highly skilled specialists at the bachelor and master educational levels and educational qualification level of a specialist, together with the departments of the University forms the training load, compiles the schedule of training sessions, executes orders and prints documents about higher education and students ID cards. The department provides administration of the Automated Control System “Management of the University”. The department also coordinates the issue of scholarship support for higher education graduates and the filling of vacant places for state orders.

The Department of Methodical Provision of the Educational Process carries out the development of normative legal documents regulating educational and methodical work at the University. It carries out the examination of curricula with respect to compliance with the educational standards and regulations of the Ministry of Education and Science and the University. It Studies and disseminates the best practices of leading educational institutions with the aim of using it to improve the University’s work in the field of teaching and methodical work.

The USEDE  support department organizes the technical support of the process of forming and maintaining in the Unified state electronic database on education the accounting of data on the activities of the University, collects, processes, analyzes and prepares documents for verification in the USEDE.  It also conducts accounting for the formation and movement of contingent students.

The Department for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Monitoring of Educational Activities shall improve and support the work of a comprehensive system for monitoring the quality of educational services provided at the University, in particular the implementation of principles, indicators and procedures for measuring and analyzing the quality of education and educational activities of the University on the basis of national and international standards and methods of general quality management. It provides methodical and consulting support for work on introduction of quality management methods and development of documentation in the structural subdivisions of the University.

The Department of vocational guidance, practice and job placement conducts vocational guidance among students in order to identify their abilities and talents for further study at the University by the chosen educational degree, field of training, speciality. The department provides pre-graduate practice for higher education graduates. It also conducts a permanent analysis of the demand and supply for professionals the University trains in the labor market, establishes cooperation on the instruction of the University leadership with potential employers, and facilitates the employment of students and graduates of the University.