English Master’s Program

As a part of the implementation of international educational standards and innovation development, the University of the State Fiscal Services of Ukraine offers the English Master’s Program “Information Resourse Management in Accounting”, which is a pioneering project for harmonizing the teaching system with the practice of leading universities in the EU and the USA. The English Master’s program “Information Resourse Management in Accounting” is designed for training highly skilled accountants-managers and analysts-accountants with a thorough knowledge of the latest information technologies of  management activities and its accounting and analytical software.

Advantages of the English Master’s Program “Management of  Information Resources in Accounting”are as follows:

  • Involvement of leading teachers with teaching experience in foreign educational institutions;
  • Interactive lectures and trainings with the participation of certified practitioners from corporations – software developers of accounting;
  • Free study of “1C: Enterprise”, “Galaxy ERP”, “Parus Enterprise”; “M.E.Doc IS”, “IS-PRO”, “Finance without problems”;
    receiving 8 international certificate
  • Formation of practical competences during internship in leading domestic and international companies with the possibility of further employment.

On completion  of the English Master’s program “Information Resourses Management in Accounting”, students will receive a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Taxation. The English-language Master’s program  “Information Resourses Management in Accounting” involves the mastering of the following disciplines:

  • Accounting in the management of the enterprise
  • Global economy
  • Economic security of the national economy
  • Innovative business development
  • Information Management Technologies*
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Methodology of scientific research in accounting
  • Modeling accounting management decisions *
  • Organization of accounting
  • Organization and methods of audit
  • Principles of decision making and project management *
  • Social responsibility of the individual• Strategic management*
  • Modern economic theory *
  • Management information systems in accounting, analysis and audit
  • *Financial analysis

* – selective discipline