Visiting delegations

Tripartite meeting and signing of the Memorandum between the leaders of Ukraine, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova

On May 25, 2018, the University was visited by the acting Head of DFS of Ukraine Myroslav Prodan; First Deputy Minister of Finance, Head of the Georgian Income Service Georgy Tabaushvili and Director General of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova Vitaliy Vrabiy. Rector of the University Pavlo Pashko acquainted the highly respected guests with the material and technical basis of the higher education establishment. After that the acting head of the DFS, Miroslav Prodan held the ceremony of awarding the university the National status, congratulating all the university staff on this outstanding event. A concert was held with the participation of the creative teams of TsTRAVS “Suzirya”, which was welcomed by the guests. After the solemn part, the heads of the fiscal authorities went to the conference room for a trilateral meeting andsigning of the Memorandum between the leaders of Ukraine, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova. Within the framework of the Memorandum, the parties will establish and develop cooperation among educational institutions that train employees for customs and tax bodies.In particular, joint scientific projects, communication events, scientific workshops will be developed, as well as short-term exchange visits and long-term visits for joint research. This will contribute to the creation of new scientific programs in the farther development of relationships. The Head of DFS, in particular, noted the powerful scientific and logistical base of the National University of DFS and the WMO Regional Training Center, which operates on the basis of the Department of specialized training and cynological  support DFS in Khmelnytsky, and called on colleagues from Moldova and Georgia to use their potential in research and teaching staff.The University will continue to pursue its development through the persistent introduction of modern scientific achievements, new technologies, information systems,will form citizens of a new formation, which will allow it to occupy a prominent place among the leading institutions of the country now and in the future. After all, thousands of highly skilled specialists trained in the National University of DFS of Ukraine, are successfully working in various spheres of economy, finance, law. They introduce the acquired knowledge into life, generating modern ideas,morality, culture and conscience, confirming the high-quality brand of its Alma mater.

Visiting scientists from the University of Indonesia

On October 10, a meeting with the representatives of the Indonesian University (University of Indonesia) Prof. Dr. Haula Rosdiana, M. Si. and Dr. Inayati

During the meeting, Ukraine’s experience in tax reform was discussed, since Indonesia’s legislation is not developed enough   to combat tobacco smuggling. “In our country there is a large number of smokers, including children of 5 years of age. Our task is to develop proposals for solving these complex issues, building on the successful experience of Ukraine, “Prof. Dr. Haula Rosdiana, M. Si noted. Guests from Indonesia were pleased with the meeting and the acquired knowledge and expressed their hope for further fruitful cooperation. “We are very grateful for this cooperation and provision of information that will be extremely useful for improving the effectiveness of the tobacco tax policy in Indonesia, “-summed up Dr. Inayati. It is worth noting that for NUDFSU it is very important to establish cooperation with international partners in all spheres, because it will provide an increasethe quality of educational and scientific activities of the University, as well as enhance its international competitiveness.

Visit of the co-president of the Federation "Exchange France-Ukraine" JacquesForgeon

Today, on September 28, 2018, at 10:00 a meeting of the  Managing Director of the University and students with co-president of the “Exchange France-Ukraine” Federation Jacques Forgeron and his wife was held.During the meeting the following events took place: Jacques’s speech, the presentation of a 3-year student Oksana Davydenko, and also a presentation of her internship experience in France in the summer of 2018.  Communicating with the guests, it was decided to continue cooperation on some subjects of activity, including the training of professors of French educational institutions at the University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, internships for Ukrainian students at law, customs and other institutions of France, in particular, in Paris. There were also cosidered prospects  of internship for teachers of our university in the educational institutions of France. In conclusion, the rector of the University Pavlo Pashko initiated close cooperation with the Federation in 2019.”The main thing is the desire for learning something new,” Jacques Forgeron called the audience.