Department of International Educational Cooperation

Information for foreigners, stateless persons for entering the preparatory department, the first (bachelor’s) and second (master’s) levels of education at UDFSU

The University of the State Fiscal Service is the institution of higher education (accreditation level IV), which trains bachelors and masters, postgraduates and doctoral students.
The University is actively developing cooperation with institutions of higher education in  Poland, Croatia, France, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Georgia, etc.

To enter the educational institution, the foreigner personally submits a paper application to the department of international educational cooperation (or enrolment board).
The following papers should be submitted together with the application:
1) the document (the original and its copy) confirming the previously acquired educational (educational-qualifying) level, on the basis of which admission is made;
2) the appendix (the original and its copy) to the document of the previously acquired educational (educational-qualifying) level, on the basis of which the admission is made (if applicable);
3) an academic certificate issued by a foreign / Ukrainian educational institution;

4) the original and a copy of the document containing information on the content of the curriculum by the previous level (level) of higher education, the credits received, the duration of training and academic results (if this information is absent from the appendix to the document of  education), if the person is willing to enter a master’s program or postgraduate education, and in case the absence of this information makes it impossible to acknowledge the qualifications of the document;

5) a copy of the passport of the foreigner or a document certifying a stateless person;
6) a health insurance policy, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine;
7) 4 photographs in the size of 30 x 40 mm;

8) a copy of the certificate of a foreign Ukrainian (if any);

9) a research proposal on the chosen scientific area or the list of published scientific works and inventions certified by the established procedure at the place of work / training of the candidate in Ukrainian or English shall be additionally submitted if the applicant is willing to be enrolled in  the postgraduate study.

10) foreigners applying for academic mobility programs should submit documents approved by the rules of admission to a higher education institution and / or stipulated by the requirements of international programs and / or treaties of academic mobility

Training for the first (bachelor’s) level of higher education, duration 3 years 10 months:

CodeProgram subject areaTuition fee for the  whole period of study, UAH
Full time studyCorrespondence study
1017Фізична культура і спорт124 938, 00104 115,00
2051Economics124 938, 00104 115,00
3053Psychology124 938, 00104 115,00
4061Journalism124 938, 00104 115,00
5071Accounting and taxation124 938, 00104 115,00
6072Finance, Banking and Insurance124 938, 00104 115,00
7073Management124 938, 00104 115,00
8076Entrepreneurship, trade and stock exchange activities124 938, 00104 115,00
9081Law124 938, 00104 115,00
10122Computer Science124 938, 00104 115,00
11292International Economic Relations124 938, 00104 115,00
12293International Law124 938, 00104 115,00

Training for the second (master’s) level, duration 1 year 6 months

CodeProgram subject areaTuition fee for the  whole period of study, UAH
Full time studyCorrespondence study
1051Economics63 050,0559 109,42
2071Accounting and taxation63 050,0559 109,42
3072Finance, Banking and Insurance63 050,0559 109,42
4073Management63 050,0559 109,42
5076Entrepreneurship, trade and stock exchange activities63 050,0559 109,42
6081Law63 050,0559 109,42
7122Computer Science63 050,0559 109,42
8262Law enforcement activities63 050,0559 109,42
9281Public administration and management63 050,0559 109,42
10292International Economic Relations63 050,0559 109,42

Tuition is also available in Russian and English. There is a preparatory department for foreigners, after graduation of which they can be enrolled in an undergraduate course or magistracy. Tuition lasts for 10 months, the fee is $ 1,000.

Foreigners can enter the University twice a year, before and at the beginning of academic semesters (until 01 November and before March 1, respectively): Bachelor, Master.
The University has a material and technical base, including 4 educational buildings, 4 hostels, a stadium, modern, well- equipped classrooms and offices.

31, Universytetska str.,  Irpin,
Kiev region, 08200.
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