UKRAINIAN PEAT Technical school

During 1914-1920, peat production in the country increased sevenfold, and the need for personnel training for the peat industry increased. By the decision of the board of Gubprof from July 16, 1921, No. 4587, a Ukrainian peat technical school named after Artem  was created.  It started its work in Kyiv in 12,Timofiyivska street (now  M. Kotsyubinsky street). The first director of the technical school was B.M. Klopotov, a member of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

On August 24, 1991, Ukraine was proclaimed an independent state. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the national program “Education”, the purpose of which is to raise the national education to the world level. On June 22, 1990 the Irpin Industrial College was reorganized into a new type of educational institution – the Irpin Industrial College of the  II level of accreditation. In August 1991 P.V. Melnyk was appointed director. in tune with the times,  conditions for transformation into an institute were created in the college.


On February 23, 1996, the Ukrainian Financial and Economic Institute, subordinated to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, was founded on the basis of the Irpinskiy Financial and Industrial College. On November 15th,1996, it was transferred under the jurisdiction of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine.

On June 6, 1996, by Decision No. 715 of the Executive Committee of the Irpin City Council of People’s Deputies, in accordance with the law, the Ukrainian Financial and Economic Institute was registered as a higher educational institution.

At that time, there were five faculties: financial and economic, legal, accounting and economic, faculty of tax militia, correspondence faculty.
To solve the main issues of activity and in accordance with the status of an educational institution, an Academic Council was created.

Academy of State Tax Service of Ukraine

The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 21, 1999, No. 2346, created the Academy of State Tax Service of Ukraine.

So gradually college – college – institute – the academy became a unique educational institution of Ukraine. The Academy was headed  P.V. Melnyk. During its existence, the institution has trained about 60 thousand specialists. Another upsurge for the academy was the granting of a national status, which increased its prestige among the educational society.

In 2005, the Center for retraining and advanced training for the State Tax Service of Ukraine was transformed into the Institute of Postgraduate Education.
When Ukraine signed the Bologna Declaration, the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine began the process of integration into European and world space. The main task of structural reform is to ensure mobility, employment and competitiveness of young professionals. In 2005, the employment of graduates was 90%.

The institution pays great attention to educational work – developing clubs of interests, university history museum, Student Parliament, Sports, Consortium Cultural and Arts Center, TV studio of the Academy, the Temple of St. Nicholas is being built.

In 2001, the Academy established the Research Institute of Financial Law whose main goal was to organize and conduct applied research in the field of financial law, to develop scientifically substantiated recommendations for the implementation of a unified state tax policy. As a rule, such investigations are conducted by the research institutes at the request of the State Tax Administration of Ukraine.

University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine

In 2001, the University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine was created at the Academy
By the reorganization of the National University of State Taxation of Ukraine, the University of DFS of Ukraine is created – an institution with a long history, which became the unique higher educational establishment of Ukraine at the beginning of the third millennium.

In the higher educational establishment, constructive scientific contacts with a number of international organizations, educational and scientific institutions of France, Spain, Poland, the USA, Germany, Russia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, South Korea and other countries have been established. Teachers of the University take part in a pedagogical experiment on the introduction of a credit-module system of educational process organization. A coordination council operates in the institution, the function of which is to accompany and synthesize the results of the implementation of the provisions of the Bologna Declaration.
The University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine ranks 118 in the ranking of universities “Top 200 Ukraine” (2017).