Licensing and accreditation

Licensing is a procedure for recognizing the capacity of a legal entity to conduct educational activity in a certain specialty at a certain higher level education in accordance with educational standards. Accreditation of an educational program – an assessment of an educational program and / or Educational activity of the institution of higher education under this program for the subject:
conformity to the standard of higher education;

the ability to meet the requirements of the standard and achieve the stated in

learning outcomes program;
Achievement of the results declared in the program.

Studying at the University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine is carried out at based on certificates of accreditation and licenses for educational activities.

Areas of knowledge and specialties:

05 Social and behavioral sciences
051 Economics:
– bachelor degree
– Master’s Degree
– Doctor of Philosophy
053 Psychology:
– bachelor degree
06 Journalism
061 Journalism
– bachelor degree

07 Management and administration
071 Accounting and taxation:
– bachelor degree
– Master’s Degree
– Ph.D.
072 Finance, Banking

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